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Signal Rock AG Insurance
Providing Crop Insurance For New England Farms

Call ( 508) 434-6350  or Email Kevin McCarthy at [email protected]
For A Free Analysis of Crop Insurance Options For Your Farm.
Some Pictures of our family farm, Signal Rock Farm, in Charlton, MA ​​
    Sheep Milk Parlour
  2. Llamas Born in 2011
    Stormy with Mom Torchey and Rosie
  3. Hay Field South of our Barn
    Our Lambs Fall Grazing
    Summer Grazing
  5. Mom and Aunt Mary Enjoying the Tractor
    Mom and Aunt Mary Enjoying the Tractor
  6. Dottie
    Dottie Queen of the Bale
  7. Bandit and Annabelle
  8. Marianne's Flower Beds
  9. Lambing Time
  10. Fields South of Barn
  11. Meadow
  12. Hay Stored for Winter
Helping Farmers